We are offering a high quality wood frame panel and modular house construction to “turn-key” stage. Thanks to precisely made wooden materials and our hand picked team of professionals, house assembly with previosly made foundations takes only 2 to 5 buisness days.

Wood frame house construction process consists of the following stages:
Transportation. Previously made wood frame panels and modules are delivered in specific order so the assembly can be finished as soon as possible;
Assembly. Our team of specialists quickly assemble wood frame panels and modules. Due to weight of panels there is no need to use heavy machinery, that could harm evironment;Exterior finish. At final stage of house, exterior finishing works, which include roofing, facade and internal communications;
To receve additional information and to answer your questions regarding wood frame house construction process you can contact our specialists by calling on +371 29455476 or through e-mail at info@modalane.eu, or by filling out our APPLICATION FORM. Our specialists are always ready to help you and answer all your questions.