One of the most important things about your construction  project, either commercial or residential, is planning a budget. Construction budget can be considered a problem as you understand you need a lot of money to build a house. Don’t worry about it anymore. Now this problem can be easily solved, just CONTACT US.

We offer production of frame houses. Frame houses have been existing for more than centuries and are popular in countries of North Europe. 

Reasons why you should choose this type of house production:

  • simple production within short term (about 2-3 weeks);
  • you save money due to technology of construction;
  • good frost protection and termal covering;
  • the house will be environmently oriented and ecologically clean;
  • building process is possible at any time and any season;
  • you can decorate and furniture the house at any possible way.

Within a short time and minimal costs you will become an owner of ecological, wooden, warm and safe house, produced in accordance with European standards.