Welcome on our site. We produce and build wooden frame houses. Standard projects of these houses are presented on our site. But you can also give us your individual project according to which we will construct a house specially for you.

The company was founded by Alvis Bumeisters,who began working as an individual entrpreneur and now organized a company the aim of which is to help you with your construction project. Alvis Bumeisters has been in construction business for 15 years already and has 5 years of working experience in Norway and in France. So, one of the advantages of our company is working according to building standards of Scandinavia and North Europe. Another advantage is providing you with an ecological wooden house of high quality  at affordable prices.     

So, we offer to you:

  • technical project and coordination;
  • ground work and infrastructure;
  • production of wooden frame for the house;
  • roof installation;
  • delivery of the house to your place and its assembling;
  • external finish of the house with the materials you will choose;
  • interior finish of the house with the materials you will choose.

You can choose one of the servises mentioned above or you can order a turn-key ready house.   

In our production and construction process we use only high quality materials provided with necessary certificates. 

The materials we offer are produced in EU countries and meet European requirements. 

Our production prices are affordable, which you will like for sure. Besides, our services are provided with warranty.

If you have questions about  producing the house of your dream, CONTACT US and we will explain you everything in details.

Our aim is to build ecological and comfortable house for you and your family.